A Studio Tour | Manassas Portrait Studio

Where do I begin… I could begin at age 9 when I fell in love with photography and cameras, I could begin at 15 when I was surprised with my first 35mm film camera at Christmas, there are many places to begin.
But today, I begin with being GRATEFUL. I am grateful for this new studio space. I am grateful that all my hard work has materialized into this magic space. I am grateful for the encouragement of my husband, my family and friends. This space is exactly what I saw in my mind back in 2013 when I took the plunge into a full time photography business. THIS SPACE. It is an incredible feeling to have worked hard and have it come to fruition.
2018 will be an incredible year. I will work harder than I have ever worked before- and I will love EVERY minute of it. I am looking forward to creating magic with YOU! I want to photograph you with your best friend, your mom, your grandmother, your daughter- I want to give you a branding experience and portraits that will help YOUR business grow, I want you to feel amazing about yourself through having incredible portraits to mark this time in your life and I WANT TO EMPOWER AND LIFT YOU UP in every way I can!!