Anniversary LOVE 52 years | Virginia Portrait Photographer

LOVE is never perfect- but I believe it is so beautiful!! I have been wanting to photography my parents for awhile! Today is their 52nd anniversary!!! 52 years!! Their love has ridden the rollercoaster of life: highs, lows and the steadiness. I want to share with you a bit of their story and some of my favorites shots from yesterday.

They went to the same high school. Dad was one year older than Mom. He says it was love at first sight when she got into a car that was taking a group of kids back home after a football game. He was already in the car and according to Dad, she practically sat on his lap. Mom didn’t quite remember the story the same way 🙂 fast forward a year later, and dad drew this note pictured and gave it to my mom in the hallway. And then they went “steady.” I have been in LOVE with this note as a young girl- so, I am really happy to finally have photographed it!! Check out how my dad signed my mom’s yearbook!! And I enjoyed reading my Mom’s entry to my dad- but I promised my mom I wouldn’t share that!!

We decided to shoot their anniversary session at a lake that we went to every summer as a family! There were some crazy fun times there!! And the tree pictured is the tree we always set up our blankets under (we got there early each time to secure the spot!!) I am so happy for the chance to photograph them and so very thankful for them!! Happy Anniversary, you two crazy kids!!