Belle Grove Plantation Wedding | Christmas Wedding

Alex and Jack got married on Christmas Eve! It was beautiful…Belle Grove Plantation was the backdrop and Alex augmented the already amazing Christmas decor at the plantation with decor of her own and with the artwork of Mason Florist. One of my favorite touches was the movie poster of “It’s A Wonderful Life” above the cake table. It was the favorite movie of the groom’s parents…I love that movie too–but what I thought was really cool was capturing  Alex and Jack starting their lives together under the poster. I actually thought…it IS a wonderful life. I know call me sappy all day long; )  After the cake cutting, we stepped outside and did a group shot on the steps of the plantation. It took a few shots to get about 35 people all looking the right way…someone, in the group shouted out “hashtag happy” and for some reason this gave me the giggles. I loved it!! And started repeating it and so did everyone else! So fast forward to culling through the images, and I notice the flower girl’s shirt #happy. Too cool…so to Alex and Jack and their family…#happy and #itsawonderfullife!