Rockabilly Wedding |Virginia Wedding Photographer

Haley and James!!! Haley and I have been friends for a long time now- and I love her- her uniqueness, her tender soul and her love for other people!! And she has found someone that appreciates that in her and loves her for the special woman she is!!! There are so many things I loved about this wedding- James has 3 beautiful daughters and Haley gave them each birthstone earrings to wear at the wedding – and then during the ceremony Haley talked about the symbolism of the ring that James had gotten her with the 3 different birthstones-a joining of a family!!! I loved the sand ceremony which included Haley’s dad (who by the way,married them and walked Haley down the aisle), James, Haley and each daughter. I loved how Jenna- shook every bit of sand out of her container!!! James and Haley rocked this wedding and it was so THEM and I was so honored to be there!!