Social Media Dynamo | Manassas Female Entrepreneur

I would have to say one of the biggest benefits to having my own business is meeting other business owners!! In fact, I just love talking with other female entrepreneurs to learn about their business and how we can help each other grow!! I started this monthly feature last year on my blog. So for January, my Cool Woman is Liz from Get Social With Liz.  I met Liz at a networking event and loved her vibe right away. When we had a one to one, we found out we have lots of common interests. She is a positive person, driven and a dynamo at social media and content management! Get Social With Liz is her company, you should check out her website! Here is a little more about Liz-

DG-What led you into becoming a social media/content consultant?
So, funny story. I started my business as professional organizer and one of my business clients asked if I could help her with social media. I said “Yes! Absolutely” and there you go. Over the years, my business shifted to exclusively managing social media and I absolutely love it.

DG-Pick three words to describe your work-
Fascinating. Compelling. Inspiring.

DG-What kinds of things do you like to do outside of your work?
When I’m not working, I love to read, run and practice yoga. I’ve recently taken up refinishing an old dresser with my husband. There’s something incredibly meditative about painting and sanding, and ultimately bringing new life into a piece of furniture. 

DG- What is your favorite place that you have been?
Our first family vacation, when my son was 5, was to Puerto Rico. We enjoyed the rain forest and the beaches, and of course, the culture. It’s such a beautiful country and I am so sad to see all the devastation that’s happened there this year. 

DG-What is something that inspires you?
People who are kind inspire me. Many years ago I stopped reading the news because it seemed to be full of bad news and that just really brought me down. So now, I seek out stories about kindness – about normal folks doing extraordinary things to help out their community. That makes my heart happy.

DG-If you could give one piece of advice to your younger self what would it be?L- Don’t wait. If you want something, go after it now. There will never be the perfect time, the right amount of money in savings, whatever the excuse is. The time is now. Just go do it.

DG-What is it that you want your work/art to do?
I am passionate about small businesses and how they help community. If what I do can help a business owner do more of the work they LOVE because I’m doing the marketing piece of things, then I’ve done my job.